LEGACY – Add secondary vendor to load

If you need to add a secondary vendor for separate charges to a load, follow the sequence of steps. This will allow you to add a separate charge outside of the main carrier of the load and have a separate dispatch sheet (rate confirmation) for this secondary vendor. This could be for an additional stop, particular accessorial etc.
***Please note*** – you will need to have an admin enable the default MultipleCarrierDispatch in order for this feature to work.

Before doing anything to a load, be sure you check your Supplementals section to see if the extra service charge/accessorial exists (Setup > Supplementals). If a particular accessorial description does not exist, please be sure to add one to your global Supplementals list.

Once you have your accessorials in place, go to the load that will need to reflect a secondary vendor/carrier. Go into Extra Services. Select the accessorial that you wish to add from the drop down menu. Enter a billed and/or cost value (can do this later as well).

In the Carrier section, choose the secondary vendor you wish to add to the load for the service that was selected. Click Save Carrier – this will take you back to the Edit Pricing window. You can adjust prices here as well.

You will notice next to the accessorial that is being assigned to the secondary vendor a SCAC code – this is to indicate this charge is separate from the main carrier’s charges. Hit Save Changes to close the window and fully refresh your screen.

On the load profile, you will now see in the commodity section the accesorial you saved as well as the SCAC code next to it for the secondary vendor. You will also notice a second dispatch sheet with the secondary vendor’s SCAC next to it. This sheet can be sent to this vendor with their charges in place via Send Docs window.

You can also assign accessorials to a secondary vendor using the Edit Pricing window. Choose the accessorial from the drop down – click Add. You will then notice a pencil next to the accessorial added – clicking the pencil will take you to the Extra Services page where you can then perform the same steps above to assign a different vendor to this particular charge.