LEGACY – Add Customer level XML tariff

When creating an XML tariff that will be assigned to a customer or multiple customer profiles, follow the steps below.

Start by going to a customer’s profile > Pricing / Tariff List.

Click Create New Tariff. Choose radio button XML Cost Plus Tariff > Create New XML Tariff.
**Please note: if an XML tariff already exists on this customer’s profile, the system will NOT allow you to make one. Only 1 XML tariff can be assigned to a customer profile.

Tariff name can be whatever you choose – this is an internal name so only staff can see it. Best suggestion would be to include XML in the name so you know right away what type of tariff it is. Examples of names can be direct for the customer this is assigned to i.e. Abby Vans XML or something generic like XML Cost Plus 20/15. Once at least the name is set, hit Save.

In the next section below, add the carriers you wish to add to the tariff and set a markup for. This section is just for noting the amount you want to mark up your carrier cost – customer specific pricing setups are located on a different section of the customer.
You can choose carriers one at a time and note different values for the markup (select carrier name in drop down, hit Add) OR establish a markup for ALL carriers to be added (hit Add All, doesn’t matter which carrier is selected via drop down).

If you have to edit the markup value at any time, you can click the pencil that will allow you to make edits and/or adjust markups on accessorials passed through the API by the carrier.

If you need to assign this XML tariff to other customer profiles, go to the customer profile you wish to add it to > Pricing / Tariff List > search for tariff name in the Tariff Search box to select and add.