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Customer Log In Access Levels


What does each level of a customer log in do and what can they see?

  • Please note – customer level log ins can only be assigned ONE log in access.
  • Remember: customer level accesses can only see their profiles and the info within. They DO NOT have access to the entire system (that is staff level access).

Vendor Access:

  • Can ONLY see, access, and track shipments they created
  • Ability to add and edit address book and product catalog of customer profile
  • When selecting a rate from the LCR, vendor access levels CANNOT view the marked up rate (Customer Charges) for the carrier associated. They can only see the carrier logo.
  • Cannot view any pricing on the load profile
  • No access to invoices or statements

Operations Access:

  • Ability to create, book, rate, and track shipments
  • Ability to add and edit address book and product catalog of customer profile
  • Can access ALL shipments related to their customer profile
  • Ability to see the Billed amount of each shipment
  • In the LCR, they can see the Customer Charges associated.
  • Cannot access invoices or statement

Accounting Access:

  • Same level of abilities as operations in terms of creating and managing shipments
  • Accounting access has the ability to view their statement and invoices associated for each load when created

Admin Access:

  • Has same abilities as Operations and Accounting access levels
  • Ability to see the Contacts section of their profile
    • Customer Admin access can update the name, address, email, password, and phone number of each contact. They CANNOT add another user or change the level of access for that saved contact profile.
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