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Custom Ref Fields

Custom ref fields is a feature that allows admins to setup fields on shipment, carrier and customer profiles for users to enter data into. This is a useful tool that clients can take advantage of when they need to indicate information but do not have a place to store or display it with the fields already offered.

To setup a custom ref field, click on the Admin Tools drop down > Custom Ref Fields. Please note that only staff with Admin access can see, add and edit this section.

On the Custom Reference Fields page, you will see 3 choices – Carrier, Customer and Load. Choose the section you wish to a field to by clicking Add New.

In the Add New window, name the field and choose a field type from the drop down.

Text Box – Allows users to type in any text they wish to be saved.
The Default Value is if you wish to have text denoted prior to the field being used. This is optional.

On the profile this is saved to, users will see a field they can type in anything they want and save it.

Check Box – Indicates the field as one that can be checked or unchecked.
The Default Value here indicates if you want the box to be checked off every time or unchecked. If you wish to have the box default to always be checked off before use, please check the Default Value box; if you do not want it checked, leave the box unchecked.

Dropdown List – This allows you to denote a set a values that can then be selected by users via drop down. To enter new values, click the black circle with the plus icon to enable a new text field. Enter the information you want to be a part of the drop down list and be sure to hit Save Changes.

Hyperlink – Place any URL hyperlink that will show up for users to click on.

The other options noted as Show on Quote, Dispatch, Invoice or BOL doc are optional – this is for fields ONLY used on the Load profile. Please note that if those are selected, anyone viewing the document will see the information saved for those fields.
If you check off Private, only staff users can see the field.

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