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Carrier Groups

Carrier Groups is a way to help set custom categories to label your carrier profiles for filtering purposes.

To start a carrier group go to Carriers > Carrier Groups. Click Add New. Enter a Name and hit Create Group. Once created, you’ll see a Search for Carriers box appear below.

Use this section to search for existing carrier profiles in your system to add to this group. You can add as many carriers as you like to the carrier group.
You can also have multiple carrier groups indicated on a single carrier profile.

You can also add previously saved carrier groups from a carrier’s profile itself. To do so, in the Groups box, hit Add. A pop up appears and you can then choose from the list. Select the one to add and hit Add Group. You can also see the other carrier groups added to the carrier profile in this same Groups section.

You can use Carrier Groups to search on the Carrier List section and also the Carrier – Volume page (from load profile or when creating a new load.)

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