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Adding a carrier as a Consignee and Shipper.

In the event that a carrier needs both an inbound and outbound rate, you can add a carrier as both a Consignee and Shipper so that rates populate on the LCR reflect accurately.

in this example, I will be adding Oak Harbor Freight Lines as both Consignee and Shipper.

Step 1

Go to Customer Profile of the customer you want to add the carrier to, and click on Customer Specific Pricing under the Customer Tools section of the page. Here is an image of what you should see.

Step 2

Once here, you will be shown a list of carriers that have either been added or not added to the customer’s profile. Look down to where Oak Harbor Freight Lines is and look at the “C” button to the far right of it. Here’s an image of what you should see:

Step 3

After making sure that the first account has its credentials, click on the “C” button, which will create a duplicate of Oak Harbor Freight Lines under the first one.

Step 4

Click on the pencil next to the duplicated carrier and set the Account Type to either Shipper or Consignee (depending on what the 1st account is set to, which is Shipper). In this example, the duplicated carrier will be set to Consignee.

After following these steps, an inbound and outbound rate should pull properly for the Customer for Oak Harbor Freight Lines.

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