LEGACY: Customer Specific Pricing XML setup

Question: If a customer has customer specific pricing provided by the carrier for a particular account, how do I set this up in the system?

**PLEASE NOTE** – the carrier has to be enabled for XML in your system. If it is not yet, please contact support@3plsystems.com as a setup fee may be implied pending user’s contract.

Go to the profile of the customer that you’ll be setting up with customer specific pricing (CSP). Click on the link called Customer Specific Pricing.

On the next page, you’ll see a list of the carriers you have active as an XML carrier in your system (please note, there has to be an integration between 3PL and the carrier or it will not work at all). Click the green plus (+) button next to the carrier you want to enable. A pop out window should appear with fields to enter information.

Each carrier requires different sets of information for the integration to work. If you are unsure of which ones to use, there is a reference text as to which fields are required. For example, XPO Logistics (SCAC code CNWY) will need the XPO username, password and account number (entered on Custom 1). Be sure to scroll down to enter the account terms if needed (shipper, consignee, third party) and also payment terms (prepaid or collect).

You can also take advantage of the Tariff Display Name and Tariff (client) display name fields. The Tariff Display Name one is for internal purposes so only staff can see what you type here. If you use the other field, this will show to the the customer when they run the LCR so please make sure you indicate the proper text in their respective fields.

Once you save the CSP entry, you’ll notice the green plus icon changes to a pencil, trash can and a yellow “C”. The pencil allows you to enter the same window to update/remove info for the CSP. The trash can clears the info saved in the carrier’s CSP setup – PLEASE NOTE! If you remove the info, there is no way to get it back as it’s cleared from the system. The yellow “C” is the copy action; what this does is allow you enter a new CSP setup for the same carrier and it takes a copy of the info in the previous setup and adds it to the new one. You can edit the info as you wish i.e. add a shipper account or put your blanket account info for the carrier so your customer can see the marked up rates as having CSP setups will override the ability to see the blanket rates.

Please be sure that once you have the CSPs in place, create an XML tariff for this customer and note the respective markups for the carriers on the tariff.

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